Semi Book Review : The Husbands Secret

This is not a formal review.  This is my rant/thoughts on this book.


I just finished reading  The Husbands Secret this morning. This book actually sat for months with only the first two chapters read. I picked it back up two weeks ago.  I’m not good at reviews, nor will I tell you to read this one or not.  Books are a personal choice, and I read almost anything except sci-fi.  Not a sic-fi girl.

I dreaded reading this book everyday, I could not get into it. It was moving slow and I just wanted the author to get to the point. I wanted to get this book done, I try not to give up on a book. It has to be pretty bad for me to stop altogether.

These past three days I was on a mission to finish this book and move on to something else. My favorite part of the book, and even my husband was surprised, was the epilogue.  You might be thinking that since it was the end of the book that I was happy that it was over.  No, not true.  The epilogue hit home for me.  I am going to write about that in a separate post.

Do I recommend the book, sure. I did like it. I’m glad that I read it.

Tell me your thoughts on this book or any other book you have read that you think I should read.


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